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"Helping owner managed businesses transform processes and systems

to empower people and to enhance

business performance."

What is stopping you realising more of the potential within you, your team and your business?

And if you have answered that question with something like:

  • I am not sure, but I know there is more…

  • I have some ideas but I am not sure where to start and it would be good to talk it through…

  • I do have a list of things I would like to get done but would like some help….


Please email us and we can schedule a call.

Our Process


Understand more about you & your business, your strategic goals and objectives and current challenges

Analyse findings from the review and make recommendations

Discuss findings and recommendations 

Agree the key objectives and some next steps to work towards achieving them

Review Progress

What’s going well and celebrate, what’s not going so well & what do we do differently or better

What People are Saying

See more testimonials from our clients:

Paul has a wide range of skills that are firmly based in his own personal experience of business. He looks at every opportunity from a business perspective. His approach ensures the investment in processes, systems and training are truly aligned with the core business objectives and are targeted to give the outcomes required.

Paul has helped us develop many of our internal processes, which today allows us to operate with full knowledge of our management information, streamline our SOP/POP and therefore, increase our sales revenue.

Paul has a curiosity and passion about helping people to solve their problems and achieve their goals. He has been particularly effective in coaching staff to help them to understand the company's objectives and culture and help them to grow and take on more responsibilities.

Alex Coppock 

 Director – Communion Architects

Andrew Grisdale

Managing Director - Biokil Crown Ltd

Alison Mundy

Managing Director - Mundy Veneer


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